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Aug. 27/09

Please excuse my absence, rotten connection lately.

So AUG 26th, our good friends at CNN were discussing the H1N1 virus while covering the outbreak at a Kansas City college. They reported to their viewers that the H1N1 flu is now going to be treated just like any other flu and will not make any difference. This could be no further from the truth. If you have been following the international website from Jane Burgermeister, you would know exactly what I am saying. If you have been watching the Truth movement, the Patriot movement, or any other movement that deals with health, safety/security, military, food, or civil rights… the list goes on, you would know that CNN is dishing out false and mis-leading information.

ALERT!!  Canadian schools to be quarantined! UPDATE:

Aug 27/09

The Canadian Govt, is now taking a more cautious approach to school closures and quarantine, as far as their statements go. They would rather people stay home under self quarantine as described on CP24.  I still recommend being prepared for the worst. CPAC coverage of the Couchiching committee on food safety, and public affairs, has revealed the feelings from the Senate that we are headed in the direction of a US/Canada border closure, and that the Government has no plan in place for such an event.


CP24 News channel ran a headline saying exactly that.

Links to the source have been requested by me. Posts will be available shortly

Also! I hear that the Canadian Health Minister declared that we may be quarantined inside our homes! Give me time to find the docs.

ALERT ! Canadian Govt. Warns Travelers About Being Quarantined:  July 29 / 09


Jane Burgermeister’s International Website is Here:


Canada’s Globe and Mail criticises rush to use swine flu vaccine with “virtually no safety or effectiveness data”

August 7, 2009 by JB

Alan Cassels and Arthur Schafer [Globe and Mail comment]
What do we know about the vaccines’ safety? Not enough
In the headlong rush to do good, we need to be sure we don’t end up doing harm

Who should be at the top of the list to receive the H1N1 vaccine or antiviral drugs if, as feared, they are in short supply? Bio-ethicists debate the niceties of how society should ration scarce medical resources, while public-health officials spend their days debating who should be first in line – pregnant women, health-care personnel or perhaps government leaders and corporate CEOs?

The majority of Canadians, listening to this rationing debate, would be forgiven for assuming that the H1N1 vaccine, when it becomes available in the autumn, will be a life saver. The unfortunate reality, however, is that we don’t know and, indeed, can’t know if that is the case.

Like most governments around the world, eager to appear to be “doing something,” the government of Canada has promised to stockpile enough of the vaccine so that most Canadians will be protected.

But, speaking of stockpiles, Canada already owns one of the world’s largest supplies of antiviral drugs, mostly Tamiflu and Relenza, two drugs designed to reduce the severity and length of the flu. And yet the scientific evidence testing the preventive benefits of either Tamiflu or its near cousin, Relenza, shows that both are pathetically weak. People who take either of these “prophylactically,” i.e. before they become sick, hoping to prevent the flu, will get about as much effect as if they’d taken a placebo. That’s not a very impressive result. Equally unimpressive: When the drugs are given within 48 hours to someone who already has flu symptoms, with the goal of ameliorating the severity of the disease, it makes only a slight difference. The “lucky ones” who take Tamiflu may reduce the average length of a five-day flu by about half a day. Not worth getting out of bed for, you might think. So perhaps it doesn’t matter all that much who is at the top of the list to receive the drugs and who is at the bottom.

Consider also that a recent international study reveals that about 50 per cent of children who have taken Tamiflu experienced side effects. Most have been minor (gut problems, diarrhea) but some have been more serious, including neuropsychiatric problems. Why are public-health officials glossing over the fact there is a great deal of uncertainty and doubt surrounding the effectiveness, safety and side effects of flu drugs?

The same could be said for the H1N1 vaccine, currently in production and ramped up for Canada’s fall flu season. What do we know about its effectiveness or its safety? The answer is, not enough. If one takes past flu campaigns as any indication, it is likely the effectiveness of the vaccine is going to be exaggerated, while the potential harms will either be ignored, understated or simply unknown. In that scenario, the rush to vaccinate yourself and your children might not turn out to be such a grand idea.

Public-health officials around the world seem to be suggesting there is a possibility this flu pandemic could get much worse, that is, become more lethal. If that were to happen, it seems “obvious” that wise people should seek to have a preventive flu shot or access to a pill. Many people will say to themselves: Why not get the shot, just to be sure?

Part of the answer to that question is that until a million people roll up their sleeves to get the vaccine, no one can be sure how safe it will be. This is also a decisive answer to those who favour making vaccination mandatory.

Some public-health officials have described flu vaccines as “highly effective,” but the internationally recognized Cochrane Collaboration (which accepts no money from the pharmaceutical industry) did a systematic review of all high-quality randomized trials (25 in all) studying influenza vaccination. They concluded that “the evidence does not support universal immunization of healthy adults.” Period.

So how does this information help us to think clearly about the current flu pandemic in which we’re mired?

Well, it seems that despite its spread, this flu virus is a bit of a dud for the fear-mongers. If, as seems not unlikely, the H1N1 virus mutates, our government will have purchased enormous quantities of a flu vaccine around which we will have virtually no safety or effectiveness data, and an already existing and very costly stockpile of probably useless drugs.

In short, a big bust all around.

Governments and public-health officials are sensitive to the exhortation: Don’t just stand there, do something. But it’s sometimes wise to reverse that dictum: Don’t just do something, stand there (and think a bit about what might actually produce more good than harm).

Alan Cassels is a drug policy researcher at the University of Victoria. Arthur Schafer is director of the Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics at the University of Manitoba.

Send this letter to all Canadian government agencies :



Up to 9 out of 10 rapid tests to diagnose the “swine flu”are wrong, finds CDC study

August 6, 2009 by JB

According to MSNBC, the CDC has found that rapid tests to diagnose the “swine flu” can be wrong as much as nine times out of ten. The “best” test was wrong half the time, the CDC found.

The government study indicating that rapid tests to diagnose the “swine flu” could hardly distinguish between the “swine flu” and normal seasonal flu gives support to those medical experts who say the “swine flu” is a harmless, ordinary flu that is being hyped by the WHO and the vaccine companies to justify a pandemic level 6 declaration and mass forced vaccinations.

The CDC checked the efficiency of rapid tests made by three companies. The tests correctly confirmed swine flu infections only 10 percent to 51 percent of the time, and the tests were better at diagnosing seasonal flu.

The report can be found here:


Dr. J. Anthony Morris, former Chief Vaccine Control Officer and research virologist, US FDA, the whistle on the first swine flu vaccine, has warned about the dangers of harmful vaccines being pushed on a population to make profit.

“There is a great deal of evidence to prove that immunization of children does more harm than good.”—Dr. J. Anthony Morris, former Chief Vaccine Control Officer and research virologist, US FDA

“There is no evidence that any influenza vaccine thus far developed is effective in preventing or mitigating any attack of influenza. The producers of these vaccines know that they are worthless, but they go on selling them, anyway.”——Dr. J. Anthony Morris (formerly Chief Vaccine Control Officer at the FDA)

Phil Segrave produces DVD on the WHO flu: is Baxter sending the genetic code for a manmade virus to Baxter and Novartis?

August 6, 2009 by JB

Phil Segrave has produced a DVD video on the WHO flu fraud and other issues.

Included are several documents such as the infamous WHO Checklist for Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Planning 1.5.1 rationale and the US CODE, Title 50, Chapter 32, Section 1520a Restrictions on use of human subjects for testing of chemical or biological agents.

Phil did some investigating and concluded WHO sent the genetic code to Baxter and Novartis AG before shipping the virus samples. The statement by Baxter spokesperson Christopher Bona that WHO had sent the virus to Baxter that Baxter then used to contaminate the 72 kilos of vaccine material may have been just an irrevalent spin for the media.

However, the real questionis whether scientists working in a lab contracted to WHO determined the genetic code, and whether the genetic code was manmade or natural. Phil’s point is, if it is proven by an independent research lab in the future, that the genetic code is manmade, and WHO not only failed to make that fact public, but WHO also knowlingly sent a manmade virus to Baxter and Novartis AG, that is grounds for criminal action too.

His video also has a news article about the CDC experimenting with swine, human and pig viruses to develop a vaccine, according to CDC officials, months before the outbreak. In other words, CDC was creating a mixed genetic code virus intentionally to make a vaccine. Months later, the pandemic level 6 occurred because of a virus similar to the CDC project, if not the same virus.

Baxter files for a WHO flu patent one year before the 2009 pandemic: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=14430

Baxter Files Swine Flu Vaccine Patent a Year Ahead of Outbreak –US20090060950A1 to Baxter International filed 28th August 2008 By Lara 10 Jul 2009 Baxter Vaccine Patent Application US 2009/0060950 A1 –’In particular preferred embodiments the composition or vaccine comprises more than one antigen…..such as influenza A and influenza B in particular selected from of one or more of the human H1N1, H2N2, H3N2, H5N1, H7N7, H1N2, H9N2, H7N2, H7N3, H10N7 subtypes, of the pig flu H1N1, H1N2, H3N1 and H3N2 subtypes, of the dog or horse flu H7N7, H3N8 subtypes or of the avian H5N1, H7N2, H1N7, H7N3, H13N6, H5N9, H11N6, H3N8, H9N2, H5N2, H4N8, H10N7, H2N2, H8N4, H14N5, H6N5, H12N5 subtypes.’
This is evidence Baxter had the genetic code and the WHO flu virus prior to the pandemic.
Check out: http://www.prisonplanet.com/baxter-files-swine-flu-vaccine-patent-a-year-ahead-of-outbreak.html
See Baxter Vaccine Patent Application US 2009/0060950 A1
“Suitable adjuvants can be selected from mineral gels,
aluminium hydroxide, surface active substances, lysolecithin,
pluronic polyols, polyanions or oil emulsions such as water in
oil or oil in water, or a combination thereof. Of course the
selection of the adjuvant depends on the intended use.
E.g. toxicity may depend on the destined subject organism
and can vary from no toxicity to high toxicity.”
“Three different influenza strains, two A-strains Hiroshima
(HR, H3N2), a New Calcdonia (NC, H1N1) and a B-strain,
Malaysia (MA), were produced in Vero cell cultures. After
virus propagation the infectious virus harvest is inactivated
prior to purification….”
Other questions: If Baxter was engaged in filing vaccine patents for viruses that were not in existence except in a laboratory, would that not indicate Baxter was in the business of creating manmade weaponized viruses prior to the 2009 WHO pandemic? And why does Baxter need outside labs to send them genetic codes and sample viruses when they have the resources to make that determination?
This is a link to a swine flu vaccine patent filed in 1998: http://www.ars.usda.gov/research/patents/patents.htm?serialnum=09197679
Title: Vaccine Against Swine Influenza Virus
Administrator and Immediate Staffs

See also: US Patent Office Full Record

Patent Number: 6287570
Docket Number: 24098
Serial Number: 9197679
Date Patented: 09/11/2001

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

Date Filed:

November 23, 1998


This invention provides means for protecting swine against influenza virus by administration of an attenuated recombinant vaccinia virus containing inserts of the hemagglutinin (HA) and nucleoprotein (NP) genes of influenza virus, which express the hemagglutinin and nucleoprotein proteins. The vaccine of the invention provides protection from influenza infection. By protecting pigs from infection, the human population is protected from transfer of infection from swine to the human population.


Patricia L. Foley
USDA, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
55789 Oak Boulevard
Huxley, IA 50124
(515) 663-7265

If viruses mutate, why file a patent?

It appears Christopher is base in Sweden:

Christopher Bona, Attorney at Law/ Managing Partner Linköping


Contact information
Direct phone: +46 13 35 62 07
Mobile phone: +46 709 25 26 27



…”Upon learning about the swine flu outbreak in Mexico, Baxter requested a virus sample from WHO to do laboratory testing for potentially developing an experimental vaccine,” company spokesman Christopher Bona told the Tribune…
The Associated Press
DEERFIELD, Ill. (AP) – Specialty drug maker Baxter International Inc. will work with the World Health Organization to develop a vaccine that could stem an outbreak of a deadly swine flu strain in Mexico.
Baxter spokesman Christopher Bona said Saturday that the Deerfield, Ill.-based company has asked the WHO for a sample of the flu strain.

… Swiss drugmaker Novartis AG said on Tuesday it had received the genetic code of the new flu strain and hoped to receive the actual virus in its laboratories “in the near future.” …
Swine flu is a distant relative of the H1N1 form of the human influenza virus but includes genetic material from pig, human and bird viruses.

Novartis starts clinical trials on “swine flu” vaccines with and without adjuvants * WHO orders adjuvants in vaccines * FDA prepares to give emergency authorisation to untested adjuvants

August 6, 2009 by JB

Novartis has started tests on swine flu vaccines with and without adjuvants, sparking fears that vaccine companies are seeking to mask data pointing to the dangers of adjuvants by conducting parallel trials of vaccines without adjuvants even though such vaccines will not be used in the mass vaccinations expected in autumn.

Novartis was the company apparently involved in the clinical trials of bird flu vaccine in Poland 2008 that led to the deaths of at least 21 people.

The Novartis bird flu vaccine was licenced by the EU and had “adverse events reactions” listed as the “primary outcome measure.”

Novartis is conducting trials on swine flu vaccines without adjuvants even though WHO has said adjuvants should be used around the world in “swine flu” vaccines, and Novartis and other companies are planning to use adjuvants, raising questions about the purpose of clinical trials of vaccines without adjuvants.

Vaccine expert Dr Rebecca Carley has said that the adjuvants in the two-shot swine flu vaccine could lead to a massive inflammatory reaction and a cytokine storm if they follow an injection with a huge dose of live virus into a body with a weakened immune system.

The US Food and Drug Administration could allow the controversial adjuvants to be used under an emergency use authorization, thereby bypassing standard tests to ensure safety.

Canadian health authorities also want GSK to conduct a small study to offer “minimum data on initial immunogenicity and some safety data if we’re going for the adjuvanted vaccine,” according to The Canadian Press.

But is a “small” study with “minimum” data enough?

Here is a report from CBC from Wednesday 5 August.

“Human tests of a potential swine flu vaccine have begun, a spokesperson for Novartis said Wednesday, as other drug companies also prepared to start trials.

Novartis is testing a vaccine in a yearlong trial of 6,000 people of all ages in Britain, Germany and the United States, said Novartis spokesman Eric Althoff.

“We initiated clinical trials about 10 days ago,” Althoff told The Associated Press.

A Briton received the first shot of H1N1 pandemic vaccine about 10 days ago, he said.

Novartis expects two doses will be required. The trial will also test this assumption.

Sanofi-Pasteur, which makes about 40 per cent of the world’s flu vaccines, expects to start testing its swine flu vaccine within days in the U.S. and Europe, said spokesman Benoit Rungeard.

GlaxoSmithKline PLC, which has orders for 291 million doses of vaccine from countries including Britain and Canada, has not yet started testing its vaccine in humans.

Stretching supply
Last month, the Australian drug company CSL began human testing in Australia.

Manufacturers are comparing vaccines with and without adjuvants, the ingredients that are used to boost immune response so less vaccine is needed.

The World Health Organization recommends using adjuvants to maximize the global supply of swine flu vaccine.

Flu vaccines in Europe often contain adjuvants but Canada and the U.S. have not licensed flu vaccines with adjuvants before.

Last week, Dr. David Butler-Jones, the head of the Public Health Agency of Canada, said Canada will likely use adjuvanted vaccine as requested by WHO.

Health Canada wants GSK to conduct a small study to offer “minimum data on initial immunogenicity and some safety data if we’re going for the adjuvanted vaccine,” Dr. Elwyn Griffiths, director general of Health Canada’s biologics and genetic therapies directorate, told The Canadian Press last week.

If U.S. politicians decide adjuvants are required, the Food and Drug Administration could also allow it under an emergency use authorization.

WHO and drug makers have said swine flu viruses grown in eggs to make vaccines are producing 25 to 50 per cent as much yield as seasonal flu viruses. WHO’s laboratory network is trying to generate new vaccine viruses with higher yields.

AstraZeneca’s MedImmune unit makes flu vaccine that is sprayed into the nose instead of injected. The company uses a different process to make vaccines than the traditional approach, and expects to start clinical trials in the U.S. around Aug. 17, Reuters reported.

Dr Ilya Sandra Perlingieri warns on the dangerous of the H1N1 bioweapon vaccine

August 4, 2009 by birdflu666

Jeff Rense has posted up this report from Dr Ilya Sandra Perlingieri on the dangers of the H1N1 vaccines classified as bioweapons by the governments own definition.

Dangers In The Shots – Components
Of H1N1 Vaccines
They are considered a biodefense agents.
By Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri
© Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri – All Rights Reserved


Please NOTE: As of August 1, 2009, no long-term, independent safety trial studies have been done for any of the different and new flu vaccines that are supposed to be given/forced on all Americans ­whether we want them or not. , After the World Health Organization [WHO] declared a Level 6 “pandemic” on June 11, the US government has mandated that all Americans over the age of six months be vaccinated. Although WHO cannot technically interfere with the internal laws of the US, they can and already have put enormous pressure on our government (and, thereby, our own laws) to require all citizens to get these toxic vaccine shots. There are to be no exceptions to this new illegal US ruling. Further, WHO is not even tracking the actual number of laboratory confirmed cases of H1N1. So, how can it be called a “pandemic”? This year’s flu is mild.

There has been a tremendous rush (called “fast-tracked”) to get these vaccines on the market. The tests they have done were only a few days to a few weeks long. This is totally insufficient time to determine any realistic, long-term, and potentially hazardous immune responses. Nothing has been done in any responsible manner. There is absolutely no Precautionary Principle (first do no harm) in place. What we have, first and foremost, are both out-of-control greed and scare tactics. These are directed to uninformed citizens, while the international pharmaceutical companies will make billions of dollars, with the very real potential of enormous harm to millions of victims is looming ever closer.

We all are their experimental lab rats. There is no concern about harming or killing anyone, because the companies (GlaxoSmithKline, Baxter, and Novartis, and others) have been indemnified by the government, so that there is absolutely no recourse for any deaths or injuries these vaccines may cause. Why would they do that, if these vaccines were safe? What secret and criminal plans were done behind closed doors to hatch this real X-Files plot? From investigative reports by Jane Burgermeister, Dr. A. True Ott, and Canadian doctor Ghislaine Lanctôt (author of “Medica Mafia”), it appears that there is criminal collusion between officials in the US government, WHO/UN, and the pharmaceutical corporations.(1)

In a call yesterday to a friend who is a doctor in California, she told me ominously: “60% of Americans could die from these vaccines.” Is this what lies ahead for us in the next few months? 12,000 children ages 3-12, will be guinea pigs for these flu vaccines. It is unethical and unconscionable. To possibly rig the results, the children will be getting injections of different vaccines than will be delivered to the rest of the population this Fall. Is this the cesspool that is hijacking our country? Do we all go ­lost in our daily routines, refusing to wake to the grave consequences that face us!– merrily down a path leading to such Orwellian destruction?

Here are some historical reminders of past flu epidemics. They were all contrived and created in some hidden laboratory.

The vaccine used in the mandated 1976 supposed swine flu “epidemic” caused the deaths of 2,000 people before it was removed; and 4,000 filed injury law suits. Before that, it was the Salk polio vaccine, also fast-tracked with $9-million of tax-payer money, to inoculate 57-million Americans before it was even proved to be safe to use. And it wasn’t. African green monkey kidney tissue was used to grow the polio virus; and it proved to have long-term and deadly effects. In 1955, the “British Medical Journal warned against the used of the Salk polio vaccine.”(2) The warning, and there were others as well, was ignored. Before genetic engineering opened a Pandora’s Box, this vaccine “was an uncontrolled experiment in interspecies viral transmission.”(3) Long-term, but not known then (in the financial rush to get this vaccine produced), the use of this monkey’s tissue was to be the cause of cancers detected much later. This cancer-causing monkey virus, known as SV40 (still debated in some medical circles) is documented in “The Virus and the Vaccine: The true story of a cancer-causing monkey virus, contaminated Polio Vaccine, and the millions of Americans Exposed.

Below are links to information relevant to Canada, regarding pandemics. Please feel free to add information.

Do NOT take aspirin during an H1N1 outbreak This could cause death. Read up here :


H1N1 can infect people through their eyes :


H1N1 will more than likely to spread through debit/ credit card machines some predict, watch here:

Blueprint for influenza pandemic ( The Medical News )




News update:  July 17/09
Canada Releases New H1N1 Outbreak Guidelines For Closed Facilities :



Jane Burgermeister to be on Canadian radio

Re: Interview requests ( admin. whoflu666.wordpress )‏
From: jane burgermeister (jmburgermeister@gmail.com)
Sent: July 19, 2009 9:29:29 AM
To: G D
Hi Geoff,
thanks for alerting me to it.
I had no idea there were any comments on the Whoflu blog.
The Whoflu blog has only one post so far however it might kick into life
I will check the comments out and suggest David Maclucas as an interview partner as he is in Canada.
I am about to file the next set of criminal charges and once that is out of the way, I will have more free time!

Cheers, Jane


July 20/09

The following news article raises some good points. Such as Canada not having any set plan for people who get sick or die from the H1N1 vaccinations

The problem is this:

It implies that USA has a compensation plan for victims of mandatory vaccinations. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am pointing this out because  the implications of media bias that Jane has accused the mainstream of having . This type of journalism backs her claim.   Here is the article :



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  1. whoflu666 Says:

    Hi, I am Geoff. I am taking care of this blog. Give me some more time to access the documents needed to fight and inform

  2. whoflu666 Says:

    Americans may be interested in this link:

  3. Nancy Houser Says:

    This link on Flock is not working: http://www.americamfreedomcampaign.org.
    We have written an article on the swine flu vaccination from Jane’s information titled “Charges Against WHO and UN for Using Swine Flu Vaccine for Bioterrorism and Mass Murder Attempts at Way Cool Dogs on June 25, 2009

  4. Nancy Houser Says:

    Okay…that worked. Thanks

  5. Clustervision Says:

    We are supporting this most important information and action; respect for Jane B.

  6. Peter Kingsley Says:

    Jane, we are all praying that your word gets out.

  7. Matthew Rosenow Says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I have been trying to find out if Canada is part of the IHR and I found this.
    I don’t know for sure, but i think this means that Canada has either adopted or is trying to adopt the IHR.

    • whoflu666 Says:

      You may be correct. … researching that one, on top of a hundred others

    • whoflu666 Says:

      Here is my take. The borders and all means of travel will be under strict surveillance. Airports, borders, train stations, bus stations, will be capable of quarantine for possible infected people.. How they are going to watch buses is beyond me.
      Big problem : The swine flu ” symptoms” are a catch all for many ailments. You could have a cough on a hot day, try to get on an airplane and boom your quarantined. Also, the Government has announced that it will close schools AND use them as quarantine sites if the flu takes hold. This was a headline on CP24 yesterday. It looks like I might just abandon my life for a couple of months and head off to the cottage in the fall. Prepare yourself for the worst.

  8. Nicky Says:

    Jane. I’m not sure what you are trying to prove here, but you are trying to put fear onto the Canadian people now? I’ve been watching your movements for quite some time now, and you have changed your blog names, threatened people for spreading the truth, yet you want people to spread it? You are not making any sense. I noticed you’re filing a lawsuit to the above radio hosts and doctors. Why? They are doctors, you are just a journalist. I really do believe that people would rather have faith in a doctor than an investigative journalist. Don’t you think? If all of this is true. I would like to see the exact documents you gave to the fbi, and the court number which you filed under. I’m afraid I need proof before any of this shall continue.

    • whoflu666 Says:

      First of all I am not Jane . I am Geoff. I live in Canada and none of the info I have posted is for fear purposes. It is info from the Government, that affects Canadians. I was asked to admin for the Canadian blog.
      Second, If I was an investigative journalist, and some left handed quack doctor dissed my work without providing a shred of proof, I would most certainly file litigation against them. Independent journalists have a long history of bringing people the truth. Mainstream media has a long history of hiding the truth. Independent journalists have no choice but to report what they find without bias. No Jane did not change her blog name with this section, these are my posts and I keep in touch with Jane, when I need info, which I rarely do. Who did Jane threaten? and what truth were those people telling? And what documents did they provide to back up this ” truth”? Also, If you could please do a little more research you would have found the docs, that were filed in Austria. This blog will continue whether or not you dig up the docs.
      So far, the information that Jane has provided, the predictions she wrote in April, are coming true. That would be her comments on the Governments of many countries buying the Baxter vaccines, and forcing the population to take it. Also the fear mongering that is taking place. The US and Canadian governments are spending billions on promoting the vaccinations, all that tells me is that there is something up with it. The Canadian Government is corrupt to the bone.
      WHO’s raising the pandemic level to 6 when the death toll has barely made a blip on the world stage, is fear mongering at its best. WHO is run by a communist, so is the UN. They most certainly have put themselves in the position to physically take over the US by military force, using the pandemic as a ” reason”. Will they do it? Time will tell.
      I hope i can be of some help to you Nicky, the posts and links I have put up are from the Canadian Govt. Please prepare for the worst, then hope we are wrong. If you happen to dig up something to support the people who are trying to discredit Jane, please feel free to let me know, I will be willing to see the proof.
      Peace Nicky and be safe.

  9. Wooly Says:

    Congratulations whoflu666, these so called doctors “nicky” is referring to have no credit whatsoever. Their slanderous rant on their last show really exposed them for what they are.
    They invited Jane into their circle and supported her claims, However as soon as these doctors suddenly became lawyers, Jane rightfully decided to with drawer from their involvement. These doctors criticized Janes legal paperwork, Calling it a “Book”, However they failed to mention that their own injunction that these wizz bang doctors created and filed was thrown out of court. It’s my opinion that these doctors should practice what they preach. I truly believe this is the beginning of the end of these doctors.
    On their last show he threatens anyone who discredits him that he would come after them “supernaturally”? lol. He also said that he would come after any activist that had a few bolts loose in their face plate that challenged him. I mean give me a break. We’ll you don’t scare me dougal.
    The radio show must have gone through boxes of tissues that day. It was sickening to listen too.
    Anyway, If Jane succeeds in her legal fight (which we all pray she does) then after this is all over the people will show no mercy with dougal and his buddies.
    Even IF Jane’s legal proceedings has no bearing, I cannot believe anyone would call her a misinformation agent for trying to save humanity. It’s just beyond belief that these “doctors” have resorted to this juvenile slander. They are no better if not worse than the elite they try to expose.

  10. Nicky Says:

    Hey Geoff, I’m not trying to discredit Jane for what she is doing, but it seems to me that she is sending out the wrong message to people. First off the yahoo article you have as a link at the start of this blog, is not reliable information. You say that mainstream media will not post the truth basically, yet you are posting a yahoo news page? You mislabeled the article, saying schools will be quarantined but really the article talks about Canadian quarantine laws and the possibility of school closures. Here is the actual government source for information.


    Look through chapter 9A, that’s when it gets really interesting.
    Another thing, Jane is not the person who predicted any of this to happen. A few doctors actually put a bunch of papers together about the whole swine flu history. Doctor Ott had videos of the bird flu hoax and doctor Taubenbergers involvement before the swine flu outbreak, which dates over a year ago.

    And to wooly, what do you mean these doctors became lawyers? I heard that they were helping her with information, but then she was told that her claim was too long and not viable in court. Also, why would she file with the FBI, if her court papers are filed in Austria, and when the FBI is in fact a product of the new world order? That makes no sense to me at all. If you can explain that to me, it would be wonderful to hear your answer.

  11. Wooly Says:

    nicky. These internet doctors are trying to help themselves and only themselves. If they truly gave a damn about the rest of us, they would keep their mouth shut about Jane Burgermeister’s legal proceedings and promote their own campaign. Oh that’s right they can’t, it was thrown out of court. So instead of backing any cause that is making head way, these thugs decide to have a radio show where they beat up on Jane because she wouldn’t play ball with them. Flexing their muscles about what they will do to her in court, It truly was a laughable program.
    What difference does it make who had videos a year ago and who predicted what. Should they receive a medal? Flu vaccination conspiracy dates back before these quacks we’re born.
    Jane filed with the FBI because Baxter is an American company. Baxter’s headquarters are located in Deerfield, Illinois, approximately 20 miles north of Chicago. Jane also filed with her local and federal law enforcement agencies. I’m well aware that the FBI is controlled by the elite. What government body isn’t? What would make sense to you? Who would you suggest she file it with? If you can explain that to me, it would be wonderful to hear your answer.
    Wooly 🙂

  12. whoflu666 Says:

    Its the Canadian press that the Yahoo story came from. Not from Yahoo. It is a mainstream media outlet that will give mainstream general public a feed on the story from what THEY think is a reliable source. Awareness is the campaign basically. Then I mentioned that I am awaiting the source from the CP24 headline, which should lead me to the Govt. CP24’s exact headline when I posted this, was: Canadian Schools to be Quarantined during Flu Outbreaks. So, really there was nothing misleading about it. These are the facts that I am awaiting the answers.
    Nicky could you please provide the link to that stuff? And did any of the people you mentioned deal with the Baxter accident? You do raise some good points, and have corrected me somewhat. That is only because I had yet to cover those bases, regarding previous dealings with swine and bird flu, and flu shots in general.
    I would like to point out something important.
    Even if this whole thing was a hoax, it has raised awareness and prompted people to successfully file injunctions against mandatory vaccinations. and also I think that I have a pretty good blog working here as a result.

    The Govt. page you point out too is great thank you. I already have it listed in the Hello Canada section under Ontario.
    Stupid Government fails to realize that the strain is evolving and vaccines become obsolete just as fast as the virus mutates. Either that or they don’t want people to realize that this is the case. Hmmm. I wonder why. Is the Government just stupid or are they hiding something. That is a whole new debate 🙂
    Jane filed the charges in every place she could from what I understand.
    Anyway there is still a lot of info to be brought out. I am not willing to discredit Jane because a few people have ” stated” their opinion.
    So I will remain in inform mode, and keep pressing for information from Jane, and others as I have been doing. There are quite a few people who have spent loads of time on this Jane B. story.
    Dr.Deagle being rude to me was a strike against that side of the conversation. I have always maintained that when someone is in a guilty frame of mind, they lash out with foolish insults. Thanks Dr. Deagle I love you too.
    Peace and thanks for your input Nicky.
    Thanks Wooly for your take. I am certainly looking forward to more dialog from both of you, and hopefully others.

  13. Wooly Says:

    Hi Geoff, One thing you have to realize with “Nicky” is that she is in with deagle and ott. I know who she is and for the best part she is a well informed activist on youtube. It’s a petty she has backed a dark spiteful campaign with these so called doctors.

    For the record deagle had his license revoked in 07/30/2004 for over perscribing medication to 3 of his patients, one resulting in death.

    So Dr Death, If you want to discredit anyone, Lets start with you. Their is so much on this guy it’s not funny.

    For all the titles he puts on himself and all the things he knows and work places he has supposedly been involved with. He would be 200 years old

  14. whoflu666 Says:

    K Wooly I am going to produce a vid slamming Deagle. If you have any names or dates , docs etc… that I could use as ammo, that would be fun.
    Also, do you know this clown?:
    This guy is posting some nasty stuff here but I will not allow that type of language to be posted. Thats the name and IP that appears when he tries to post.

  15. whoflu666 Says:


    The dirt on Deagle

  16. Wooly Says:

    Alex Studer is his name. He is with the buffoons in Dr Deaths corner. Pass that on to Jane.

    I too am making a video about deagle.

    What happened to “Nicky”? lol


  17. quakergirl Says:

    You guys need to get on the ball- jane wrote a bunch of stuff that might be interesting to Canadians since your last entry.

    Keep up the good work fighting flu vaccines.

  18. Wooly Says:

    Hi Geoff, Here is my video I made to slam the deagle camp.

    We’ll it was all their own words really. I didn’t have to do anything, they have done it to themselves.

    That site is the only one I could find about deagle. Although it is pretty thorough and covers his incredible life..lol


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