Letter To Canadian Government Agencies

To Our Fellow Canadians in the Military, Law Enforcement, and Those Who Serve as First Responders:

We have reason to believe that the joint NorthCom counterterrorism exercises commencing on July 27, 2009 in Region VI, serving AR, LA, NM, OK, and TX, involving troops from the United Nations, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and Mexico may endanger the sovereignty and general welfare of the United States. We also believe that which is in the process of unfolding for our neighbours to the South is, also potentially imminant in our own country. This could potentially endanger Canada’s sovereignty, and likewise threaten the sovereignty and general welfare of you and your families. We are observing these events closely and with the gravest concern. Should matters rapidly escalate in the USA, we strongly suspect that Canada may quickly follow suit. We believe this would be catastrophic for our people and our country. These combined military exercises are a questionable show of force. There are good uses for exercises, but one this big? The American people are not knowing what to expect from the organizations involved with this exercise. There is explosive potential during this situation. Further, these exercises involving UN troops are timed to coincide with a pandemic emergency exercise organized by FEMA, Homeland Security and the World Health Organization (WHO), an agency of the UN. Further worrying your families as well as ours. We are concerned about the intersection of these combined military exercises with what we feel is a spurious declaration by the UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) of a Level VI pandemic of H1N1 influenza. Again, should this model be put into effect in the United States, we have reason to be concerned that similar actions may rapidly follow in our own country. We have reason to believe this could lead to mandated genocide via lethal mass vaccination of the American and Canadian people, among many other countries of the world, resulting in unprecedented profit for the international bank-based criminal syndicate, that presently controls the UN, the WHO, and their client national governments, including Canada. This is from the facts based on charges being filed across the world, regarding the creation and mismanagement of a biologically weaponized flu virus. The Austrian FBI were the first to be handed the evidence, as the US company Baxter’s Austrian lab is the source of the bio-weapon. The Austrian Police are leading the investigation as far as we know. Canadians need their troops and all functioning authorative agencies ie: Police, RCMP, and all first responders no stay safe. Be aware of the historic attacks that occured during previous military exercises in civilian centres. ( 9/11 and 7/7 london.) Again please be safe. It is absolutely critical that we do not sit back and idly allow this to happen anywhere in the world, but particularly here in Canada, where it is our duty to preserve the safety and general well being of our people. As Canadian soldiers, please be aware of the implications that firing on an American or Canadian citizen would entail. The world is watching this US situation closely, lets not turn it into martial law situation. Thanks for your time. Signed_______________________ Canadian Citizen.


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