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Is True Ott working for big pharma? Is the “alternative” media also “controlled”?

August 8, 2009 by JB

Dr True Ott has been writing more emails contaning factually incorrect and abusive language such as this one on July 16th to Sheldon Day in which I am called a “paranoid nut-job” (please see True Ott’s email below).

The question is: why does True Ott make these statements? Why do True Ott and Deagle claim to have co-written the criminal charges when they did not? Why did True Ott send only one, short email to me concerning a point about Michael Leavitt and not reply to my request for more information? Any information from True Ott that came to me in emails sent around to a bigger group, I used in the criminal charges always citing True Ott, to make their source plain.

Why did Dr Deagle put up the wrong versions of the criminal charges and injunctions with the wrong instructions on his website when I finally finished them, creating confusion, and also fail to correct the mistake in spite of my request in emails and phone calls?

And why did Deagle and Ott start a campaign of defamation against me as soon as positive results from these criminal charges began to show in the form of a police investigation?

It is not enough, however, that Ott, Deagle and others defame me openly on their radio show. True Ott also sends abusive emails without my knowing to radio show hosts such as Sheldon Day (see a snippet below).

Are True Ott, Deagle just some of the agents out there who appear to work for the interests of big pharma? Is the alternative media controlled? Is the existence of a web of agents or “experts” like Deagle, Ott that has resulted in the dangers of the mass forced vaccination against the “swine flu” from being concealed from the general public. These facts should have been common knowledge long ago. Why are they not known to more people? What is the use of petitions in stopping this? Petitions have no legal force.

I am especially gratreful to Drew Raines for offering me the chance to go on his show with True Ott and “prove” I am innocent of Ott’s smear I am a “paranoid nut job”, but I declined the invitation to be villified by Ott and Raines. Drew Raines has freely repeated True Ott’s smears to me in his emails. I asked for Drew Raines to at least ask for proof that True Ott’s smears are correct but Drew Raines did no even see the need to ask Ott for proof. Whatever smear True Ott spreads is enough for him without any need for proof, it appears.

Drew’s email to me informs me I am guilty because I refuse to appear on his show to be villified by True Ott without proof:



go in peace

loose my email address and i’ll forget you were ever
part of any movement to protect mankind, your mind control and
twist to blame others is apparently finally caught up with you
WE know FRUAD and Lady, there is NO FRAUD anywhere in
my emails, nor my web site… YOUR FEAR IS YOU ARE GETTING
CAUGHT and YOU ARE AFRAID the world is about to find that
you have no clothes…………………

Semper Fi,

Drew Malone; Raines III
Master Electronics Engineer
USMC 1967-1977
Owner: H.E.A.R.T. & Associates
3423 Avery Road
Little Rock, Arkansas 72209
SKYPE: drewmalone.rainesiii

Interestingly, Drew Raines immediately sent out in his email list the content of Tim Vawter’s email below, repeating the false claim that there is no legal basis for forced vaccinations and there will be no forced vaccinations in the USA when actually this was just a statement by the head of NIAID on CSPAN, currently carrying out five clinical trials on vaccines without adjuvants, and showing no sign of halting those trials.

We talk about the controlled mainstream media, but is it time to talk about the controlled alternative media? Are we naive in thinking that big pharma and the banks haven’t recognised the power of the growing alternative media sector to expose their plans for genocide? Are we naive in thinking they have not inserted their “people” into the alternative media long ago to influence the direction of public opinion, and that there are not many unscrupulous people, even former Marines, who will do their bidding and smear whoever they order to be smeared without any proof or hope of proof simply because their credibility has to be destroyed?

In January, a Katrina relief worker who presented himself as an “activist” outed himself as an FBI mole, who had infiltrated the group to disrupt it.

This is one of True Ott’s abusive emails to Sheldon Day:

On Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 10:07 PM, True OTT wrote:

No, Sheldon, sadly Jane is, in my opinion, a paranoid nut-job who is creating a HUGE credibility issue with this battle – not to mention turning key players against each other as she continually sees non-existent skeletons in everybody’s closets.

I most certainly did indeed ask her for documentation via 3 separate e-mail posts. I am still waiting. (Notice she didn’t take 3 minutes and share the actual website links — I have looked over her website twice and didn’t see this invisible documents.)

Furthermore, she can e-mail me, (and others like VacLib attorney Alan Phillips, who she called a “nazi” as she proceeded to piss everyone in that camp off, as well as mean-spirited one-sided posts about Alexander S. Jones who she accused of being a double-agent spy) hateful, demeaning, and threatening posts, but can’t send the simple documentation to back up her stories??

She should be smart enough to KNOW I didn’t say she was “involved’ with Jacko, I merely told Carley that a report had surfaced from another party who had said that she was – (Sorcha Faal whoever that is). All I know is that THE ONLY REASON I CALLED CARLEY WAS OUT OF CONCERN FOR JANE’S SAFETY. And for that, I get reamed, smeared unjustly and called a liar??

Apparently, I shouldn’t communicate with Carley any more either, if she is telling Jane such nonsense.

Jane, I believe you need counseling, or better yet, a rubber room and a straight-jacket if you truly believe I am some double agent for big pharma or the government and Mike Leavitt’s zionist cabal. PLEASE!!!!

If True Ott is a “liar” – then you had better discontinue your “666 BirdFlu” web blog immediately – because everything I have shared with you for the past 4 months is a completely bogus scam. There is no conspiracy to kill millions of innocent people with a manufactured, recombinant virus — all a big Lie from True Ott. There are no toxins like squalene in the vaccines — the vaccines are 100% safe, Jane – because as you say, True Ott is A LIAR!

Jane (aka Ms. 666 from hell) — in case you haven’t figured it out — YOU HAVE REALLY PISSED ME OFF.

If you want me for an enemy, girl, you got it!!

EXPOSED?? Girl, I am as TRANSPARENT as they come. HOW DARE YOU!!!

And Dr. C – if you believe this crap, I am REALLY DISAPPOINTED with you as well.



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