Our new website has gone live! Check out: * new Facebook group: join me!

August 13, 2009 by JB

Many thanks to Johann Niklasson for building our new website

Please check here from now on for news updates as well as to find legal documents to download and use, links, and background information on the WHO killer vaccine- all to be added in the next few days to build a comprehensive and easy-to-yet resource.

Donations to cover the costs of the website are appreciated.

The US facebook group was set up by JoAnne Cremer and David MacLucas without my knowledge and I do not even have an adminsitrative passowrd. They have started posting comments on the boards suppriting True Ott and Bill Deagle and smearing me. I have asked thrm to remove my name or close down the facebook group. I am starting a new group! I ask anyone sincere about fighting forced mass vaccinations to join me in carrying out effective action.


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